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SQL Server LifeStyle is an analysis tool of SQL Server instances and their databases. The software comes from direct real-world experience, gained from projects implemented in real environments, by constant study of new versions and active participation in beta programs.
The program, by means native tools, is not intrusive and does not involve any operational impact.



Why use it?

Because business depends on the reliability and availability of applications, then of databases.
Because the data of company assets must be always available, with fast response times.

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What do we use?

Operating System tools, T-SQL, powershell, DMVs, DMFs, system views, system stored procedures.
NO Setup, NO Restart, NO Component.


What we do not use

We do not use agents, services, installation of components.
We do not alter settings or properties of instances and databases.



The collection and analysis of information produces, in addition to the documentation of each user database in the instance, a summary document on the health system, potential points of focus on tips and best practices applicable in the medium and long term

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Compatible with every edition of

SQL Server 2005,
SQL Server 2008,
SQL Server 2008 R2,
SQL Server 2012,
SQL Server 2014 CTP2.

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