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In this page you can buy the tool and the support for your analysis!

How to proceed

Specify the number of licenses you want to buy, an analysis support package or the tuning service, then click on the "Check out with PayPal" button to review the summary of the order and proceed to the Payment with our PayPal secure system.

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Tuning Service

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In this page you can buy three kind of products:

The license

SQL Server LifeStyle license allows you to use the tool on your SQL Server instances and databases.
The license is for user.
This means that, for every user that you're planning is going to use our software, you have to activate a license.
In case you already have a license and you only want to buy a support package, please leave this field empty.

The analysis support

The support allows you to get our support to analyze a result of the tool.
You send us a zip file containing the analysis and our team will send you a complete PDF assessment with technical considerations.

The Tuning Service

It 'a service that includes the Enterprise version of SQL Server Lifestyle and a set of interventions to monitor, optimize and make more effective use of an application based on Microsoft SQL Server Database.

The activities and interventions covered by the service will take place at our premises remote location (off-site) by menas of a web conference. Off-site activities will not need any remote connection with the customer.

The Service will begin on the date of the SQL Service Lifestyle licence acivation, and will end after 6 calendar months. There shall be no automatic renewal.

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